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Jay-Z, from Obama to dinners in Langa

The rapper in Alba: crazy for wines and truffles

According to Forbes magazine, it ranks second among the richest singers in the world, with assets of 504 million dollars. So rapper Jay-Z, Beyoncé's husband and Obama's great supporter in the reelection race, can serenely afford a weekend in the Langhe like the one we are about to describe to you: private jet to Milan, relais all for himself and his friends, three and a half kilos of truffles and something like thirty thousand euros spent in dinners and bottles of Barolo and Barbaresco. A great wine expert and refined collector, Jay-Z arrived in the Albese Friday evening and leaves today after a fabulous tour of wineries, restaurants and wine bars. With him, fifteen friends of architects, winemakers and managers from New York and London.

If he has landed in the Langa, we must also thank Hurricane Sandy. «I was in Manhattan on the evening of the storm - tells the barolista Luca Currado of the Vietti winery in Castiglione Falletto - and through common friendships I found myself at the home of Jay-Z and Beyoncé, with a glass of our Barolo Villero 1985 in hand. I told him: "If you come to my cellar one day, I'll also show you our other cru, the Rocche". At the end of the dinner, he asked me: "What do you do in three weekends?" "Nothing, I'm at home". "Well, I come to see you".

Jay-Z's private jet and friends landed in Milan on Friday. A shower at the Four Seasons and then straight into the Langhe. "They had dinner with us in the cellar - reveals Currado -. We are peers and I opened a Barolo Rocche from 1969, our vintage. He is a great connoisseur, but also a gourmet: he went crazy for the Nino Bergese ravioli egg with truffle ». They spent the night in the Relais Villa Pattono of Costigliole d'Asti of the Ratti family: 13 suites and breakfast with truffle egg. As in the best rap pieces, the truffle has become their catchphrase. Yesterday morning they returned to Castiglione Falletto to try their hand at searching for the "tuber" in the woods, then they went down to Alba to make less tiring purchases: 3 kilos of "trifole" bought without blinking from Morra and Tartufingros. For lunch they chose Maurontro Garola's Tornavento, in Treiso: between Barolo and Barbaresco, they uncorked more than ten thousand euros in bottles. In the afternoon, Jay-Z and his companions visited Angelo Gaja's winery in Barbaresco and in the evening they had dinner with the barolista Roberto Conterno at the Relais San Maurizio in Santo Stefano Belbo. Today the jet leaves with a hold full of wine and truffles. Annunci PPN

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